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What benefits do your employees want in 2021 and onward

Primarily, lower deductibles and co-insurance; or gap plans to pay for the employees’ high out of pocket costs,

Less premium that is taken out of the employees’ paychecks. This means the employer needs to find coverage that is lower in premium without sacrificing benefits.

Important to offer to the employees Voluntary Benefits which are paid by payroll deduction from the participants’ paychecks. Why is this important? With group insurance, we ensure that the doctor and hospital get paid. Voluntary benefits put money directly into the employees’ pockets.

Recommendation to move November and December benefit renewal dates to earlier months in the year. This will remove the biggest holiday time (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year) that causes employees to be doing other planning rather than focusing on their healthcare benefits.

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What do employers need in 2021 and onward

Lower Rates, Better Coverage.

The benefit of receiving refunds for portions of the premiums when the company has a healthy year claim year, and the carrier reimburses some of the premium back to the company.

Engagent Health has a qualified team headed by a Director with well over 30 years of expertise in this field. Our team is equally qualified to manage our accounts. We provide prompt responses to questions and inquiries and assure your group benefit package meets your and your employees’ needs. Employer-Employee satisfaction is our goal!